GR2L wins Government Funding

Energy CatalystGR2L, along with collaborators at Cambridge University Engineering Department and Johnson Matthey, wins Energy Catalyst funding to further develop its ideas on desulphurisation of methane based fuel gas streams e.g. natural gas for stationary fuels cells and the upgrading of biogas to biomethane. “Fuel gas desulphurization is a large and growing market for GR2L to operate in” says Dr Rob Grant, the company’s Founder and CEO, adding “by using our unique chemical looping technologies we can deliver gas purity, footprint and cost benefits to the customer”. The new concept, called Chemical Looping Combustive Desulphurisation CLCD, utilizes similar technology to that in the company’s successful ArgonØ ™ argon recycle system and will offer footprint reductions of up to 1,000 compared to conventional technologies.

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