Introducing the NitroØ

Gas Recovery and Recycle Limited, GR2L, is a cleantech company based in the South East of the UK. We specialise in the recovery, purification and recycle of industrial purge gases used in high value manufacturing such as solar PV, microelectronics, 3D metals printing and aerospace heat treatments.

Founded in 2008,we launched our flagship product, the ArgonØ as a world first, point of use argon gas recycling system to recycle argon purge gas from Solar PV ingot production furnaces. These exhaust gases are contaminated at the ~5,000ppm level with carbon monoxide and hydrogen along with traces of other combustive gases and are effectively removed to below ppm levels with recycle rates of 95%, or better.

At one location, ArgonØ systems are recycling the argon purge gas from sixty CZ furnaces on a 24/7 basis at recycle rates of up to 97%. This is saving the customer over $1.5million annually and reducing their carbon footprint by up to 1,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

GR2L’s mission is to improve process profitability while reducing CO2, footprint and increasing sustainability, receiving numerous awards for our innovative gas processing technology.

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