About GR2L

GR2L was founded in March 2008 to commercialise Chemical Looping Combustion technology jointly developed with Cambridge University for use in gas clean-up applications.

The novel CLC reactor enables cost effective recycling of gas contaminated at the 1,000s of ppm levels.    The company owns all its own intellectual property with numerous granted patents within the field of Chemical Looping Combustion technology.  GR2L continues to work closely with Cambridge University and has sponsored a research associate position to investigate improvements to the materials used in the CLC reactor and to expand the technology base into other gas cleanup applications.

GR2L entered into partnership with the UK Gas Technologies group in 2010 to manufacture its argon recovery and recycle systems. The UK Gas Technologies UK Gas_2773Group have a track record in high purity gas installations in the semiconductor and medical markets and are synergistic with GR2L.

Initially, GR2L is targeting the Solar PV market which is one of the largest users of Argon and is also under intense cost down pressure – the 2-3 year Return on Investment of the ArgonØ ™ makes it particularly attractive.

GR2L is also is engaged in R&D into other gas purification and recovery systems; in particular the processing of Biogas and Natural Gas to remove sulphur odorants, siloxanes and other VoCs for more effective energy generation or injection into the gas grid as Biomethane.