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The ArgonØ ™ is a world first in point of use gas recycling, allowing cost effective recycling of Argon as well as other inert purge gases such as helium and xenon.  The system is Point of Use i,e, recycles gas in a closed loop from a limited number of process tools, this gives the big advantage over potential plant wide installations of easy, straightforward retrofit into existing wafer manufacturing plants as well as allowing a phased installation, in line with the process tools, into new “ground up” facilities.

The ArgonØ ™ recycles >95% of the furnace exhaust gas back to the process at purity levels that exceed the Semi PV6-1110  requirements, removing 1,000s of ppm of contamination in the process,  delivering a return on Investment of 2-3 years and is capable of saving a mid-volume ingot producer millions of $s