Carbon Footprint Reduction

Liquifying air and separating out the 1% argon it contains is a very energy intensive process and results in a bought in carbon footprint of up to 5Kg CO2 equivalent per 1m3 of argon gas. 100m3 of air needs to be processed, at cryogenic temperatures of about -186C, to produce 1m3 of high purity argon gas.

A typical Solar PV production cell of 4 CZ Pullers running with an 80l/min argon purge gas flow will have a scope 3 CO2 equivalent footprint of about 130 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. This is also approximately the emissions from one hundred average household cars driving 10,000 miles per year. By recycling the argon purge gas, the ArgonØ recycle system reduces these emissions by over 90%, a reduction of a least 30 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year for every CZ Puller in the facility!