GR2L Team

Dr Rob Grant FRSC – Chief Executive Officer

Rob was, until recently, Head of Technology for BOC Edwards where he was responsible for the company’s systems engineering and PV business area, pioneering the introduction of many new vacuum and gas processing technologies into the market. Post the acquisition of BOC by the Linde Group in 2008 Rob set up Gas recovery and Recycle Limited to exploit ideas he had for novel gas processing systems in conjunction with CLC Know-How from academic collaborators at Cambridge University. Rob also runs Aurora Technology a technology an IP generation company is a research associate in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Gary Littlewood – Director of Engineering

Gary is a co founder of the UK Gas Technologies Group which specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of high purity gas and process systems for the semiconductor, research, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Gary as Technical Director has over 30 years experience in design and manufacture of High Purity gas systems for the semiconductor industry. Recent design development has focused on the new GR2L Argon recovery system.


Rob Storey – International Sales Manager GR2L

Rob has been involved in the sale of major systems to the solar and semiconductor industries for more than three decades. During his twelve years as head of the Chemical Management Division of BOC Edwards he was deeply involved in the sale of multi-million dollar systems into high profile companies across Europe and the Middle East. Having previously worked with both Dr Rob Grant, in BOC Edwards, and Gary Littlewood of UK Gas Technologies for many years Rob brings his wealth of background knowledge and many contacts in high tech industries to the sales team.



Dr Stuart Scott – Scientific Advisor

Stuart is a lecturer in Sustainable Energy at Cambridge University working on problems related to energy, combustion and fluidised beds. He is a co-investigator with John Dennis on Chemical Looping Combustion and is also collaborating with GR2L on the implementation of low temperature packed bed reactors for gas processing applications.