GR2L is a highly innovative company with numerous patents in the field of gas recycle and purification.


Beyond argon recycle GR2L has innovative solutions in development for:


  • Helium Recycle –  HelioØ – using either the ArgonØ or NitroØ based technology helium can be recycled to 99.9998% levels of purity for applications such as sapphire crystal pulling etc.


  • Odour removal from Biogas – MethanØ – Biogas contains a mixture of odour compounds most of which are sulphur based, for example H2S, mercaptans and other organo-sulphur species. These sulphur compounds can react to form sulphuric acid and corrode the gas engines used to generate electricity or poison fuel cell electrodes used in the direct generation of electricity. They also need to be removed from the gas to allow direct injection of Bio-Methane into the national gas grid. GR2L holds granted patents on the Chemical Looping Combustive Desulphurisation of methane and Biogas.