Low maintenance costs and high up-time

The ArgonØ is up to 10x more cost effective to run, with minimum downtime, compared to centralised systems.

The unique Point of Use ArgonØ system has less downtime, lower maintenance costs and is anything up to 10x more cost effective than Central O2 Combustion & Cryogenic recycling systems.

The ArgonØ’s multiple systems give a higher process security, with less than 30% house argon backup required. Centralised systems are also more susceptible to single point failure so 100% house argon back up is imperative.

With less than four hours of shutdown recorded per year, the ArgonØ uptime is significantly better than the 5-10 days of shutdown recorded annually on centralised systems.

A centralised system also requires a catalyst which should be replaced every three years, not only is this expensive, but it is yet more downtime. The ArgonØ has no catalyst and therefore not subject to this costly inconvenience.

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