Recycles ≥95% of available Argon

The ArgonØ will recycle all of the argon recovered using ~1.5% internally of purge out the reactors during regeneration. The factory rate will typically be 93 to 97% and reflects the argon losses from the pullers during re-charge and crucible replacement. The ArgonØ not only recycles 15% more argon than centralised systems, but those centralised systems also require additional gases – O₂ (to combust H₂, CO & hydrocarbons) and H₂ (for removal of excess O₂)​

  • Recycling Argon reduces CO2 emissions by over 90%, equating to a reduction of over 30 tonnes of CO2.
  • ArgonØ™ achieves gas recycle rates of better than 95%, at purities exceeding the industry expectations.

One ArgonØ™ generates CO2e savings of around 500 to 600 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year, as well as cost savings of about 95%.

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