Whilst thin film processes are gaining market share, >80% of solar cells are fabricated from crystalline silicon – either poly or mono-crystalline wafers. The wafer manufacturing process relies heavily on vacuum furnaces to either grow single crystal silicon, the CZ process, or to re-crystallise silicon into bulk ingots ready for sawing and wafer separation.

GR2L can reduce wafer production costs and increase productivity via the recovery and recycle of the vacuum furnace purge gases using its unique ArgonØ system.

Gas Recovery & Recycle

GR2L’s novel gas purifiers incorparated into the ArgonØ dramatically reduce the system cost and enable the cost effective, >95%, recovery and recycle of vacuum furnace purge gas. The system is Point of Use and can connect to up to 4 vacuum furnaces, dependant on total gas flow, allowing straightforward retrofit to current installations of either CZ or DSS units with payback of 18-30 months dependant on local Ar pricing.

With DSS installations the unit can also recover and recycle helium, often used to shorten the cool down deadtime and realise a productivity enhancement of 5-10%, resulting in a significant improvement in payback.